Who is this for?

Suitable for executives who are unable to attend live tutoring

Mode of delivery

Self-study and Online

Size of the class


No. of Classes

Flexible timetabling

Hours per class

Flexible timetabling

What learners get

Experienced Tutor

1-hour introductory session with an experienced tutor

Excellent Study Guides

  • EK study manual with practice questions, referenced to notes
  • EK mock exams
  • Complimentary 30-day access to Talking Test Bank on Examinator.Online

Why this course may be a good fit for you

You are very busy

Demands on your time are many and varied.  Even if you were able to get to a scheduled class, calls and messages would have you regularly stepping out of class

You wish to keep your study needs private

While you understand the need to sit and pass SFC licensing exams, you would far rather as few people as possible knew that you were having to prepare for an exam

Frequently Asked Questioned

  • Will I need to read the official study manual?

    The official study manual contains all materials that can be examined.  If you had time, a full read-through would help, however you are best to use it as reference back-up to the EK exam-focused study materials.

  • How long do I need to spend studying the EK manual?

    This will be explained to you during the 1-hour introductory session.  You should read through each Topic, followed by the associated practice questions. Two hours per Topic, including question practice, is a reasonable guide.

  • Do I have to use the on-line question-bank?

    It is entirely up to you.  Many candidates have found Examinator.online to be invaluable, dipping into it as and when they able.  It is designed to complement your study using the EK manual.

  • Are the EK study manuals up-to-date?

    Yes, all EK study manuals (and practice questions) are updated as soon as a new version of an official HKSI study manual is published.