Who is this for?

Suitable for those seeking online learning

Mode of delivery


Size of the class


No. of Classes

30-60 days access

Hours per class

Flexible timetabling

What learners get

Tutor explanations recorded

All questions explained with a tutor audio recording

Practice Exams

Practice exams available under timed conditions with result feedback

Learn at your own pace

Available for 30 or 60 days at Examinator Online

Why this course may be a good fit for you

You are happy with private study, but need question practice

You are comfortable and familiar with the study material, however you now need some regular question practice to get you exam ready

You enjoy online training

You are suited to learning in an online environment and enjoy accessing material while ‘on the go’.

You prefer structured study to cramming

You like the idea of preparing for exams over a number of weeks rather than cramming over a few days.

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